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ESHA D’SOUZA has over 17 years of International experience across Internal audit, External audit, Internal controls, Risk management, AML and Fraud management and Investigation in India, Singapore, Qatar and UAE. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Nagpur University, India.

Esha has extensive experience in External Audit, Internal Audit, Compliance Audit and other engagements in various industries, including Banks, Financial Institutions, Real Estate companies, Hotel Industry, Retail Mall, Educational Institutions, Charitable Institutions and Healthcare Industry. Esha has wide experience of Investigation and Forensic audit for Charitable Institutions and NGOs.

Through knowledge and experience Esha has become an expert professional in Corporate Governance, Policies & Procedures, Internal Audits & Control Reviews, Business Strategy and HR Advisory. This has led to extremely successful relationships with the government based organizations, leading companies in the middle east, and various clients that have contributed to Esha’s expertise in the market.