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Protect and recover with precision by asset & transaction tracing

Globalization has played a significant part in aiding the movement of assets worldwide. Each country enforces its local laws to safeguard these transactions. Criminals are using increasingly intricate financial instruments to conceal the origin and location of their stolen assets.

Asset Tracing is highly valuable in pre-investment due diligence, contractual negotiations, distressed asset management, legal decree enforcement, financial judgments, recovery orders, distressed investment for equity holders, legal discourse, and dispute scenarios. MBG Corporate Services specializes in detecting and preventing complex regulatory and economic crimes, as well as implementing remedial measures to address them.

We have adapted to the modern workplace and now place greater emphasis on electronic detection and analysis tools. Our skilled forensic and technology practitioners employ advanced software and resources to examine financial systems. We analyze and reconstruct records to identify the whereabouts of the funds through multi-jurisdictional searches. Our Asset Tracing and Recovery specialists collaborate with you and your legal counsel to swiftly and discreetly recover misappropriated funds.

The Asset and Transaction Tracing procedure consists of the following critical stages:

  • Recognizing assets and transactions
  • Validating asset ownership
  • Tracing the lineage of transactions and asset-related ownership
  • Tracing the categories of assets and transactions.

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