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Managing contracts efficiently involves optimizing value and reducing risks

The importance of legally enforceable contracts in encouraging openness and accountability is recognized by Corporate Group. A thoughtfully constructed Contracts Management plan provides ideal visibility into an organization’s contractual agreements, allowing for quick reactions to difficulties and extensive analysis of key contract clauses.

Corporate Group with the expert direction of our team of corporate lawyers, provides firms in all industries with a full examination of their present contracts to ensure compliance. We develop and organize commercial agreements to match your specific needs by using our knowledge of current market trends and industry-proven techniques.

The focus is on drafting the terms and details of the agreement in a clear and comprehensible manner, while simultaneously making sure that our services correspond with your business objectives. You can reduce the danger of penalties and prevent costly legal conflicts by using our services. Furthermore, we have experience documenting contracts with suppliers and consumers, contracts linked to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), and contracts relating to energy projects.

Corporate Group experience includes the production and negotiation of legal papers in a variety of industries:

  • Drafting Real Estate and Construction contracts such as EPC contracts, distribution agreements, leasing and warehousing agreements, and so on.
  • Corporate commercial agreements such as the Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Shareholders’ Agreement, Collaboration Agreement, Technology Transfer Agreement, Power of Attorney, Trust Deed, and Assignment Agreement, among others, are being restructured.
  • Ensuring that corporate transaction structures adhere to the authorities’ legal regulatory framework
  • Negotiating and designing commercial contracts such as Hotel Management contracts, Franchise Agreements, Master Services Agreements, Software Development Agreements, and contract manufacturing, among others
  • Drafting and negotiating bid documents, bids, project finance documents, securitization, tenders, and EPC contracts
  • Establishing, negotiating, and financing documentation such as Asset Mortgage Agreements, Loan Agreements, Letters of Credit, and negotiating and executing documentation with banks.
  • Examining and negotiating real estate documents such as the Musataha Agreement, Lease Agreement, and Joint Venture (JV) agreements between the developer and local landowner.

Our team of legal experts at Corporate Group is well-versed in providing comprehensive legal services that cater to all your legal documentation needs. We combine our extensive experience with the latest industry practices to ensure that all your legal requirements are met, enabling you to focus on your business objectives.

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