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Mitigate Risks and Ensure Compliance: Expert Assistance in Customs Health Checks

To engage in international trade, businesses must adhere to Customs Regulations. This is a crucial requirement for companies that are importing or exporting goods in the UAE. Familiarity with these regulations is important, not only from a GCC standpoint but also at an international level. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in the customs authority auditing a company, which can lead to non-compliance penalties. These penalties can severely impact a company’s reputation with both clients and regulatory bodies.

Customs authorities have access to all the details of goods that enter and leave the Free Zone. They may conduct extensive audits to determine whether goods have been supplied on the mainland without following proper Customs procedures, undervaluation of goods, or weight deficits.

To minimize risks and improve processes, Corporate Group offers a Customs Compliance Health Check. Their extensive knowledge of Customs and International Trade can provide solutions and recommendations that will ensure that businesses establish streamlined and fully compliant processes, including the required record-keeping for the Customs department.

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