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Safeguarding your information through ISO 27001 compliance

ISO 27001 (formerly known as ISO/IEC 27001:2005) is an information security management system (ISMS) standard. ISMS is a set of rules and procedures that address the legal, physical, and technical controls that are involved in a company’s information risk management activities. This architecture must be strong enough to offer improved protection for all of your assets, including financial data, intellectual property, and employee information. 

Acquiring ISO 27001 accreditation for your ISMS will help you enhance your security standards and acquire the trust of your clients. Our team of specialists at Corporate Group can ensure complete certification implementation and support. 

Following a thorough examination, our experts will produce a gap assessment report outlining remedial action recommendations for your ISO 27001 Certification. We assess existing security controls and provide custom processes to improve your company’s information security. Our comprehensive programs also aim to raise threat awareness among personnel at all levels, with a dedication to information security. 

We cover all of the ISO 27001 areas listed below: 

  • Company Policies for Information Security 
  • Information Security Organization 
  • Asset Management Access Control Human Resource Security 
  • Cryptography 
  • Physical and environmental protection 
  • Acquisition, Development, and Maintenance of a Security Communication System 
  • Relationships with Suppliers 
  • Management of Information Security Incidents 
  • Aspects of Information Security in Business Continuity Management Compliance

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Our Technology Advisory services include:

Information Security Audit

Cyber Security Assesment

SIA (NESA) & PCI DSS Compliance ISO 27001 Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

Third-Party Risk Management

Robotic Process Automation

Digital Transformation Strategy

Business Process Reengineering

ERP & CRM Project Management

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