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Strategic alliances and share purchases agreements for growth

Joint Ventures and Sale and Purchase Agreements perform a vital role in the Mergers & Acquisitions process  

These partnerships and agreements establish the terms of the deal and specify important security clauses for all parties involved, providing a legal framework for the sale.  

Sale and Purchase Agreements are of critical importance for sellers and buyers 

Corporate Group provides an extensive culmination of specialized legal skills and expertise in regional legal systems. The team of industry experts ensures that critical clauses, such as consideration, covenants, warranties & indemnities, conditions precedent, and applicable jurisdictions, are appropriately drafted to mitigate all possible risks. 

Corporate Group comprehensive support for your Joint Venture and Sale and Purchase Agreement need :   

  • Essential objectives for your joint ventures 
  • Advocating suitable working partners
  • Determining the value of your joint venture contributions 
  • Setting up the joint venture structure and operating model  
  • Establishing an effective performance management system,  
  • Building a plan for any future changes or exits from the joint venture or sale and purchase agreements.  

Our team will provide you with constant support at every step of the way to ensure that your joint ventures and agreements are structured to achieve your business goals and mitigate potential risks.

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