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6 Factors to consider while choosing an audit firm for your company There are numerous factors to consider while choosing an audit firm for your company audit but here are a few which must-have considered factors;

1. Expert Team: It’s highly crucial to have a deep look at the profiles, strengths, and qualifications of the chosen audit firm auditors and support staff.

2. Industry Experience: Discuss in detail the relevant industry experience. It represents their years of experience and the extent of their services.

3. Use of Technology: Chose an audit firm who uses technology and data analytics during the audit as it helps them to reach to conclusion accurately and quickly. Also, they focus on more risky and key areas so you’ll get better professional advice which helps you to improve your business operations.

4. Quality assurance processes: Understand the methodology used by audit firm to make sure they’ll provide you the highest form of assurance and quality services.

5. Transparent Communication: Transparent communication is an integral part of audit process which ensures timely and seamless work flows.

6. A Solid Reputation: Testimonials, awards, or references are a good indication of an audit firm’s reputation in the industry. It reflects their quality of service and trust other people already have.

The right auditor will not only provide transparent and honest audit opinion on your company’s financial health but also provide you valuable reports which ensure future compliance and help you to make better financial decisions in the short and long run for all the stakeholders.
Corporate Group is an authorized audit firm in the UAE.

“We love to Solve your Audit Issues”

We’re a team of certified chartered and public accountants (CAs, CPAs, CIAs, FTA Approved Tax Agents) which have international and local vast exposure in auditing, examination, review and reporting.

Corporate Group follows International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) set by International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), comply with industry best standards for risk mitigation and controls efficiency, international rules and standards for fraud detection and operational methodologies and have strong updated practical knowledge skills in application and reviewing of financials under the light of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), local laws and regulations. Corporate Group simplify your audit and related complexities and ensure compliance, improvements and transparent and independent opinion which enhance your confidence on your business and credibility I the eyes of shareholders and other stakeholders.

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